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The CJM Group is always looking for the latest products that give our customers the cutting edge in technology against their industry rivals, we are also proud to offer a fantastic range of monthly or seasonal special offers and competitions for your enjoyment

What’s New:

The CJM Group is delighted to announce our new fantastic brand “ChopChop connectivity and internet” we already offer a fantastic portfolio of WAN products but “ChopChop” will insure that our position is this crowded market space remains strong both in pricing but more importantly at the cutting edge of new technology that will improve your business connectivity and internet. Watch out for our regular updates in this fast moving area across our social media platforms

 Do you need a better faster more reliable broadband circuit in your office? Perhaps you should consider GEA (Generic Ethernet  Access) If as a business you are thinking about upgrading from ADSL broadband to a Fibre broadband service, you may want to  consider our Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) service. Whilst some fibre broadband services are still contended, sharing  bandwidth with other ADSL and FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) users nearby our GEA service provides a dedicated and uncontended  Ethernet based service with symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps and minimal installation costs and lead times.

Our GEA service (or Ethernet over FTTC as it is sometimes known) utilises existing broadband and Ethernet network  infrastructures to provide a cost effective yet reliable and fully guaranteed Ethernet based solution. Services are monitored and managed round-the clock in line with our service  guarantees.


it-838384_640Similar to FTTC, GEA uses the existing copper infrastructure between the customer’s premises and the cabinet and then fibre  from the cabinet to the exchange. However, unlike FTTC their traffic then passes onto an Ethernet network rather than the standard, more contended, broadband network

Sizzling Summer Special Offers (Ending 30/09/15)


 Upgrade your telephone system with CJM Group

Lgalaxy-tab-3-7ooking for a new telephone system look no further than the CJM Group this summer for every system sold with a sales value of £2000.00 or more we are offering a free Samsung tablet 




racingextra1 Join CJM this summer and have a night out on us Join the CJM-Group this summer and receive 2 tickets to our next fantastic night out to at  Romford dogs for food, drink and of course exciting greyhound racing and hopefully a few winners for CJM Racing 



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