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The CJM Group can supply your office with everything you need from IT products, furniture to flooring in addition to all our other fantastic products and services available from The CJM Group.

Are you planning to move into new office space in the near future? Please read below just how The CJM Group can help with a stress free, smooth and most importantly on budget project

Perhaps you are looking to refresh your IT equipment, upgrade your servers or move your IT services to the cloud look no further than the CJM Group. 

Do you require new desks? Please read below about our comprehensive supply and installation services

Remember The CJM Group can arrange and provide everything you may require for your current or your new office, just call our friendly team to discuss your requirements and look no further than the CJM Group  

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Planning Your Office Move                        See How CJM Compare!

Proper Planning Prevents Possible Problems!

Planning ahead can help ensure a smooth move and limit down time to get you and your company up and running as quickly as possible after your move. The following questions will help prepare for the planning process, assist in interviewing a mover, and soliciting bids for your relocation project.


  1. Are you planning to move into new construction?
  2. Do you plan to move in phases?download (2)
  3. Is there a possibility move consultants should be interviewed?
  4. Will your broker take on the project management?
  5. Have you prepared a month to month additional lease in case the new space isn’t ready?
  6. Will warehouse moves be before, after or on the same day as the employee moves?

Office Furniture

When businesses move to a new commercial location the use this opportunity to purchase new office furniture or replace some of the older used office furniture. If you’re either re-arranging your current office or have decided to move to larger facilities, this might be the time to consider office furniture more suitable for the sizes of each office in the new location. It’s significant to compile an inventory of your current office furniture and decide which pieces you feel you should replace. Concentrate on the office furniture that’s essential for each employee to work in an efficient effective healthy manner, this in turn will help employee production. Make your offices as comfortable and as proficient as possible. Depending on the business your companies in makes a big difference in the style and office furniture accessible for each office. I think we all know the most necessary and fundamental piece of furniture in each office is the work station or the office desk. For safety and health reasons the office chair is essential in helping an employee find comfort at their work station or office desk. CJM Office Installation Services has available office furniture in all shapes and sizes. You might find it helpful to discuss this with your Paragon Office Installation Service specialist.

  1. Will your current furniture reconfigure or will additional parts be needed to complete the new set up?
  2. Who will move your furniture; mover or installer?
  3. If buying new furniture, will the designer provide extra sets of plans for additional vendors to use?

 Furniture Installation                         See How CJM Compare!Furniture Installation

 CJM Office Installations Services has fully trained office furniture installation specialists on permanent staff. CJM office furniture installers are  familiar with all makes and models of furniture styles and office equipment. CJM office furniture installers are able to install and reconfigure both new  and existing systems. Part of our job at CJM is being prepared for all the customer’s needs. Whether it’s moving commercial furniture, residential  furniture or in some cases just installing commercial office facilities. CJM Office Installations Services specialists take measurements and notes of  the new commercial office space as well as how the customer would like it laid out. Where the new or moved furniture is going to be placed and making sure it’ll fit perfectly in the location picked for that particular piece of office furniture. As professional commercial movers CJM knows how to protect and install your sensitive or fragile office equipment. CJM has trucks and moving equipment designed to relocate all your office equipment safely. All employees at CJM Installations Services are trained to think and keep downtime to a minimum. At CJM we’ll even move you on the weekend in certain cases not disturbing the continuation of your business at all.


Ceilings, flooring and office partitioning.
High quality office furnishings, including:office furniture installers

  • Desk Systems.
  • Filing and storage systems.
  • Task and executive seating.
  • Meeting room tables and seating.
  • Café / restaurant tables and chairs.
  • Screening products.
  • Reception and boardroom furniture.
  • Media and storage walls.
  • Ergonomic accessories.